Used piano sales/purchase/rental/tuning in Tokyo "Musashi Gakki" JP




We clean the exterior (dust, oil, tobacco burn), polish the metal parts, polish the keys, and clean the interior (dust and mildew removal).
On request (for an additional charge), we can repair scratches on the exterior, remove rust from piano strings and internal metal parts, and replace the white keys.

  Cleaning Fee(Transportation costs are not included.
Upright piano ¥55,000~
Grand piano ¥77,000~

All strings, tuning pins, hammers, damper felts, etc. will be replaced with new ones, and the exterior will be repainted to restore your piano to as close to its original performance as possible.
The above cleaning process is also included.

  Overhaul fees(Transportation costs are not included.
upright piano ¥500,000~(tax not included)
grand piano ¥700,000~(tax not included)

※For cleaning and overhaul, please contact us for transportation costs.


By attaching it to your upright piano or grand piano, you can enjoy the piano at any time of the night or in an apartment building where sound is a concern!
Our Tuner will visit your home and install the sound deadening unit.(4 to 5 hours)
Click here for a tuner's profile
There are some pianos that cannot be installed,

and some pianos may require modification to be installed.
Please let us know the piano's make and model when you contact us.

【Silence Unit】    YAMAHA, Korg, Magic Star, and Piano Mate
(Registered KORG Silencer Certified Technician)

Prices vary depending on the manufacturer, so please contact us for more information.


For more information on piano tuning, please see this page.