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 A piano is made up of a number of parts that work in perfect balance to produce a beautiful sound.
Among the many parts, many natural materials such as wood and wool are used, making it a very delicate instrument. In addition, the strings of a piano always weigh 90 kg per string and a single piano weighs 20 tons. Therefore, regardless of the frequency of use, the piano's balance is affected by the seasons (humidity and temperature) and the sound gradually becomes unbalanced.
In order to keep your precious piano in good condition, we recommend that you have it tuned once a year.
We also offer tuning services for pianos that have not been cared for in many years or for concert halls.



All of our tuners belong to the Japan Piano Tuner's Association and receive regular training.
They have also received training from Steinway Japan and are equipped with world-standard technology.
With more than 20 years of experience as a piano tuner, he is available to answer any questions you may have about the piano.
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♫ Tune:
Tuning the strings to get the pitch right.
♫ Temperament:
Adjust the position of each component.
♫ Stretch:
Adjust the string hammers to create the harmony.

※Please let me know if there are any problems other than pitch.

  Tune fee (travel expenses and tax included)
upright piano ¥16,500~
grand piano ¥18,700~

Prices vary depending on the condition of the piano.
Please contact us for concert tuning fees.

1 year warranty
If you order a piano tuned by our tuner within one year from the last time it was tuned by our tuner, we will guarantee it for one year after tuning.
We will respond to problems such as keys not returning to their original position or pedals not working properly, or pencils dropped inside the piano for free.
However, repairs such as broken strings, replacement of consumables, deformation caused by over-drying and over-humidity, and damage are not covered by this warranty.

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