Used piano sales/purchase/rental/tuning in Tokyo "Musashi Gakki" JP


You can rent a piano from Musashi Gakki.
It is available for a variety of customer applications.


It is recommend for Just for

the duration of your time at music college or wondering what to buy.


The pianos listed on our website (with some exceptions) are available for rental.
※For individual customers only.   For commercial rental are here

<Rental fee>

Grand piano ¥22,000〜/Month
Upright piano ¥11,000〜/Month
Digital Piano ¥5,500〜/Month

※There is an additional charge for round-trip installation and delivery.

Click here for delivery charges.

<Other items included in the rental>
1 chair, soundproofing insulator (piano caster support)
1 time tuning service upon delivery


Monthly or Annual contracts are available. If the end date is undecided, the contract will be automatically renewed. You may cancel at any time if you request at least one month in advance.
And if you plan to rent for a longer period of time, we'll give you one month's worth of service when you prepay for a year, which is a great deal!


For example,

if you rent a grand piano that costs 11,000 yen per month for one year・・・・・
Annual payment (payable at the start of the rental period):

11,000 x 11=\121,000+Round trip installation and delivery charges


The first month's rental fee and the round-trip transportation and installation fee must be paid before the start of the rental (at the time of delivery).

Click here for delivery charges.
After the next month (next fiscal year), y

ou are required to make a payment at least one month in advance.


During the rental period, we will take care of the tuning (once a year), standard sound tuning, adjustments, and repairs, so you can use it with peace of mind.


In the unlikely event of accidental damage to your rental Piano, we will take out insurance to ensure that you don't have to worry about it.

The insurance fee is included in the rental price.


If you like the piano you are renting, you can purchase it as is.
Half of the rental price you have paid before will be used to cover the cost of your purchase.(However, the maximum amount is half of the price.)

Please note that this will not be used to purchase pianos other than those that are being rented.

If you purchase a piano with a monthly rental fee of ¥11,000 and a selling price of ¥800,000 after 10 months of rental.
Rental Fees Paid:¥11,000x 10months = ¥110,000(a)
Purchase Allocation:¥110,000(a)x 50% = ¥55,000(b)
Purchase Price:¥800,000 ー ¥55,000(b)= ¥745,000

Contact Us / Application
Mail or Tel 042-575-0008


There are separate rules and fees for commercial rental。

For more information, please visit this page.