Used piano sales/purchase/rental/tuning in Tokyo "Musashi Gakki" JP


Pianos purchased or rented by Musashi gakki are, of course, available for sale at
We also provide temporary storage for pianos when moving to a new location, moving from your parents' home, returning pianos to your home, or moving pianos indoors, on your property, or during renovation.
Our employees who specialize in transporting pianos will transport your precious pianos responsibly, so you can rest assured that they will be taken care of.




We will deliver the piano directly to the location to which it was moved on the same day it was picked up by the customer.
We are happy to travel to distant locations. Please contact us for rates and other details.
(※For distant locations, delivery may be delayed until the next day or later.)
Skilled Staff with over 10 years of experience will work on your piano using a special piano transport truck.
Our staff is also in charge of piano tuning, repair, cleaning, and sales, so please feel free to contact us for anything other than transportation.


In addition to the transportation fee, an optional fee will be charged depending on the installation location.
(For installation on floors other than the ground floor, the price will vary depending on lifting/lowering, crane use, elevator use, etc.)

For more information, please click here.

(See the page on Transport and Delivery Installation Fees)

When you move your piano, we recommend tuning it at the same time.
We will provide the following services when you order the piano to be tuned at the same time of moving it. It will look and sound beautiful and you will be able to use it comfortably.
We hope you will take advantage of this service at a very reasonable price.

1) Tuning at a discounted rate
2,200 yen off the regular price!
(2) Simple piano cleaning service
Removes dirt from the exterior.


Please use this service for temporary storage during renovation, or for temporary storage when moving.

  monthly daily
upright piano ¥8,800~ ¥293~
grand piano ¥11,000~ ¥366~

※There is also a transportation and installation fee for each move. The charges vary depending on the size of the piano and the length of time the piano is left with us.

Please contact us by email or phone for more information.

Contact Us
 Mail  or Tel 042-575-0008

★We also recommend paint repairs, overhauls, cleaning and other repairs during storage.
(See our Tuning & Cleaning page for details.)


The fees for moving, transporting and storing pianos are different from the fees for delivery and installation when you purchase or rent a piano from us.


Click here for delivery and installation fees for pianos purchased or rented by us


Click here to see the fees for moving and transporting your piano,

as well as the cost of moving and installing it in storage